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Intellectual Property is very important, more now than ever with more and more bands popping up on the Internet every day. Just imagine that your band builds up a huge following and finally gets signed to a major label...but then a 60-year-old guy in North Dakota sues you because he has a wedding band by the same name. Not a good situation to be in.

Protecting your intellectual property can be very inexpensive and can provide invaluable protection for your music and/or band's name, however the issues can be complicated and it is strongly recommended that you engage an attorney to properly represent your interests. In the meantime, we are happy to provide this Intellectualy Property FAQ to get you started on the basics of IP rights.

Adam has provided copyright services for the Walt Disney Music Group and music licensing services for Warner Bros. Pictures. For many years, he managed and overseen the entire copyright, trademark, and domain name portfolio for E! Entertainment Television (along with its subsidiary channels Style and G4). He now works as a Trademark Paralegal for a large law firm in Orange County. However, he is not an attorney and nothing on this webpage nor in the IP FAQ should be relied on as legal advice.

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