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If you are interested in licensing any of Adam's music for your projects, please send a request to our Licensing Department. Your request should include the song title you are interested in, the length of use, the medium (TV, film, etc.), and a brief synopsis or description of your project.

Please feel free to browse through Adam's mp3 files to select the track you are interested in. If you are insterested in a new track, or would like to have one written and recorded specifically for your project, please contact us with the details of what you are looking for.

88 Keys™ is also proud to promote these fine up-and-coming artists, and to provide a calendar of their upcoming shows.

Green Car Motel™ (formerly Act of Faith), fronted by Rick Garcia and Rene Reyes, has a great U2-meets-R.E.M.-meets-latin vibe to it. You can hear their music, among other places, in the Tom Cruise movie Collateral as well as on the soundtrack. And if you think their live shows are great, just wait til you check out one of their rare acoustic performances!

Adrianne is a name you will soon be hearing a lot. Her long list of accomplishments include winner of the USA Songwriting Competition and a finalist for Lillith Fair. She is signed with Mosaic Publishing, and has sold thousands of copies of her CDs and over 150,000 downloads of her songs.

Danny Peck, once signed to RCA Records, plays every other Saturday night at Genghis Cohen and his live shows are just amazing! He has been described as "the Tina Turner of Folk...Aretha Franklin meets Bob Dylan"

Adam is a singer/songwriter/pianist whose main influences are Billy Joel and Elton John. His CD is in the works, and if you are on this website then you probably already know who he is!

Stefano has some of the catchiest songs around and his voice sounds just like Paul McCartney's.

Mindi Abair has toured with everyone from the Backstreet Boys to Adam Sandler. With over a million hits to her website and the coolest songs around, she now defines the new generation of jazz artists. She just released her first CD on Verve/GRP Records and she is already climbing the charts like crazy!

Jon Ernst, formerly on-air music director for "Singled Out" and "The X Show," keeps busy composing for TV these days, so when the rare chance comes along to see him play live, be sure not to miss it!

Jason Moss is a talented songwriter and composer. As the demand for his composition skills increases, his live performances are becoming a bit rare, but he's starting to come around :)

If you are interested in licensing music from any of these artists, send an e-mail to Zoophoria Music and mention that you were referred by 88 Keys Productions™.

Please do NOT contact me and asked to be placed on this webpage...it will NOT happen. These artists appear on this page at my invitation only. If you're good, I'll invite you...but if you need to ask, then the answer is no :)

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